Report damage for Renters

When you return an owner’s car with new damage, the owner has the right to directly contact you to ask for clarification on the damage. The owner has the right to have the car repaired at any place he wishes. If the renter disputes the quote of the owner for valid reasons, the owner must provide a new quote, up to a maximum of 2 additional quotes.

Renting a car with RentMyRide (Pty) Ltd means that the owner’s car is now put on the R5 000 000 liability policy with our insurance partner Outsurance. To claim from the insurance an additional excess amount (read more, here) of R5000 is being charged. This means that for all the damages below R5000 the damages will not be covered by our insurance, the renter has to pay for these damages. To be eligible to be covered for damages bigger than R5000, the renter must make a police report and send this within 2 weeks after the rental ended to, pay the excess amount of R5000 and then everything more than R5000 will be covered by our insurance. Please note that our insurance covers one incident per vehicle, all additional damage must be paid by the renter. RentMyRide (Pty) Ltd maintains the right to use your deposit for the excess fee or to cover for damage that is not being insured by our insurance. If the renter’s deposit is lower then the excess fee or lower than the amount to cover for the damage the renter is obliged to pay the outstanding fee. RentMyRide (Pty) Ltd maintains the right to charge an additional admin fee of R500 for damage claims or an additional admin fee of R250 for damages lower than R5000 (for more information about fees, click here).

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