When using our platform the Renter and Owner agree to the Terms and Conditions of RentMyRide (Ltd) Pty which says that a renter is responsible for paying any tickets received during the trip. If you receive a parking ticket, speeding fine or any traffic violation during the time the car was rented out, fill in the details of the driver that was driving the vehicle during that time on the back of the ticket and send it to the appropriate authorities. Also see: Nominate the driver.

Please note: you have to nominate a driver in the first 32 days after receiving an infringement notice.

If you need any information from us in order to redirect your traffic fine, please send us a copy of the ticket to support@rentmyride.co.za.

See below a list of email addresses where you need to send your documents to in order to redirect a traffic fine (Please note that this list might not be up to date):

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