Paladin are our partners of choice when it comes to 3rd party insurance cover.

This covers any damages to 3rd party vehicle while out on rental through RentMyRide.
Under this policy, no cover is provided for incidents where the renter is at fault, when driving on dirt road,  no other vehicles are involved, acts of God or driving between the hours of 2am to 4am and only covers the other parties vehicle. The 3rd parties insurer, will cover the cost of the repairs to your vehicle that is being rented through our platform.

All other small claims that are for the renters cost like, extra mileage, damages, cleaning fees etc where the car is not returned in the same condition as received is deducted from the renters deposit - SEE FINES & FINES. These claims are processed by RentMyRide on the basis that our terms have been adhered to and the trip checklist (Beginning & End) has been completed in full and sent to on the day the car is returned, after which quotes must be provided within 24hrs.

All issues should be reported to RentMyRide as soon as it occurs.

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