RentMyRide partnered with IOX Fleet services as of the 10th August 2018 and is a FREE self management portal where you can manage all your traffic fines in one place. Whether you car is rented out or not. RentMyRide will no longer be administrating fines on the owners behalf unless we are deducting the fine from the deposit.

On their platform you will be able to pay fines using Credit or Debit Card as well as EFT and any settlement discounts you receive will be credited to your IOX Fleet Wallet which can be utilized to settle other fines or cash out

You will also be able to nominate a driver or redirect a fine from your dashboard (Within 45 Days)

What happens to fines while being rented out through RentMyRide?

When a traffic infringement occurs due to negligence from a renter IOX fleet services will notify you by email as soon as the relevant traffic department has uploaded it to their system, this can take anywhere between 1 & 10 working days or more depending on where the fine was incurred for example a major city like Cape Town or Johannesburg is faster than a city like Clan William.

Who pays the fine?

Ultimately the car owner is responsible for settlement of fines, however once you have been notified about a fine through IOX Fleet you can contact the renter and let them know, the renter can settle the fine amount in cash directly to you.  you can also email us to let us know regarding the non compliance by the renter 

Should the renter not settle the fine immediately you can note this on the trip check sheet and RentMyRide will deduct the fine amount as well as an admin processing fee from the deposit. (Deposit return terms apply)

How to Register for IOX Fleet Services?

Registration is entirely free by visiting and clicking on the Register button, once registered please send them an email requesting an access token to be linked to RentMyRide. This is important because if you are not linked to us we will not be administering your fines by deducting from renters deposits.
It is also important to note, that you will also need to abide by their terms of registration in conjunction with SA's road traffic act.. As fines go IOX Fleet services terms apply in conjunction with ours.

For more info regarding IOX fleet please visit their website

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