Your car has been rented out, earning you some money, and now it’s time to pick it up from the renter. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Arrange a time and a place to meet the renter to get your car back
  2. Take the ‘Trip Checklist’ with you
  3. Check the kilometers and fuel level and condition of the car and mark them on the ‘Trip Checklist’
  4. Then, you AND the renter need to re-sign the ‘Trip Checklist’
  5. Get your keys back and get ready for the next ‘Rental Requests’ to come through
  6. If you need to claim extra funds from the renter for excess kilometers, damage or non-replaced fuel you must state this on the trip check list and send it to immediately after the rental has ended. Please ensure that you attach either a photo or scan of the signed ‘Trip Checklist’ and images where applicable.
  7. Send quotes and receipts to within 24hrs

NB: Do a walk-around with the renter to ensure your car is in the same  condition it was rented out in. Any extra charges must be noted on the ‘Trip Checklist’ and the renter must sign this as well as the owner. Failure in any of these steps can result in a claim not being valid.

*Provide feedback about the renter using the ‘My Reviews’ function from the right hand side drop down menu. Renters also get the opportunity to rate the rental too. Reviews and ratings help the RentMyRide community to maintain a high standard and trusted service. **Ask the renter to leave a review when the bring back your vehicle.

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