1. Arrive on time at the agreed meeting place. If the owner has requested that you deliver the car to them, let them know that a delivery fee is due. Calculate this fee based on what it will cost you to take a taxi or an Uber back to your house. It is your responsibility to collect this fee in cash when you hand the vehicle over.
  2. Check the renter’s ‘Driver’s License’ to make sure it matches the name on the ‘Rental Reservation’. 
  3. Using the ‘Trip Checklist’, walk around your car with the renter and agree upon its current condition.
  4. Note the current mileage, fuel level and any pre-existing damage on the ‘Trip Checklist’, and then you AND the renter must sign the ‘Trip Checklist’ In the unlikely event that any damage occurs to your car during the rental, the signed ‘Trip Checklist’ enables you to prove this. Keep the signed ‘Trip Checklist’ in a safe place…you’ll need it at the end of the rental.
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