What happens when there is a damage claim?

Damage during a rental is rare, but when it does happen, RentMyRide strives to make the claims process as smooth as possible. RentMyRide is always responsible to the owner and will take it upon ourselves to collect any amounts from the renter. Renters are responsible for an claims processing fee which is based on the deposit you paid, per claim

The following represents the 10 steps of a typical claim. Depending on the specific circumstances, your claim process may deviate slightly.

1: If damage occurs during the rental period, the renter must report it to the owner and RentMyRide immediately. They should also send pictures, a detailed description of the incident, and the relevant information of all involved parties (names, contact information, insurance policy information, police information, etc.) to help@rentmyride.co.za on the same day of occurrence.

2: If you believe that a renter has caused any damage to your car, you are required to document this damage, with the renter, on the “Trip Checklist” that was used to record outgoing damage at the start of the rental. Any new damage must be recorded on the “Trip Checklist” and signed by both renter and owner in order to qualify for cover. The “Trip Checklist” must be sent to help@rentmyride.co.za immediately if there are any claims that need to be processed from the renters deposit

3: RentMyRide will investigate the submission to determine if it meets coverage eligibility, (e.g., that the damage is neither pre-existing, nor “wear and tear“, and that it has been reported by the owner as required in item #2 above). RentMyRide will communicate the decision to both the renter and owner as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of receiving the relevant information.

4: Once a claim is determined to be eligible, RentMyRide will charge the renter a minimum of *R3500, which will be part satisfied by retaining any security deposit. Based on the severity of damage RentMyRide may initially charge more.

5: RentMyRide always stands ready to process an eligible claim, in which case the renter will be subject to a nonrefundable R500 processing fee.

If there are no other parties involved, and the amount of damage in question is relatively small (e.g., chipped windshield, broken window or mirror, bumper scratch) the owner may choose to work out repairs with renter directly. This will save the renter most of the R500 processing fee.

6: RentMyRide will submit previously collected information. They will completely take over managing the claim at this point; reaching out to both parties and collecting additional information as needed.

7: The Owner or Renter can request quotes by going to FIXICO and submitting the relevant info using their phone or computer to obtain comprehensive quotes from reputable repairers.  The RentMyRide claim processor will then determine if an independent appraisal is necessary and or which quotes to accept and will coordinate with the owner or renter to arrange it.

8: If a third party driver is found to be at fault, the claims processor will seek reimbursement from (“subrogate”, in insurance parlance) the third party’s insurer, and RentMyRide will refund the renter when these funds are received back from the party where the initial excess amount was paid to, may it be RentMyRide’s own insurance or the 3rd parties’s insurance. (Note: renters are always responsible for the R500 processing fee.)

9: RentMyRide will coordinate with the Owner or Renter and schedule repairs.

10: Once the repairs are complete, the repairer needs to email the invoice to help@rentmyride.co.za for payment before the repairer will release your car.

You can see a detailed explanation with examples of damage claims and 3rd party insurance claim here: Detailed explanation of damage and insurance claims.

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