Once a trip has started, any extension is treated as a new trip. You must request an extension of your trip by sending a new booking request to the owner.

For example, if a renter books a trip for 2 weeks (minimum initial rental period) and later successfully books an extension for an additional 3 days, the renter will be charged first for the 2 weeks, and then for a 3 day trip.

You will receive an SMS before the end of your booking to remind you of extending the booking. Sufficiently an extension is requested early before the trip ends so that the owner is able to approve or deny the extension. Renters are encouraged to contact the owner by phone to alert them to the request to enhance the timing of a response.

Extension requests expire at the earlier of 1) 24 hours from the time the request is made and 2) the end of the current booked trip.

Please remember that the owner must approve your extension in order for it to be valid; if the owner has not responded to your extension request, you must return the car at the originally scheduled end time. When you return the car late you will be charged double the daily rate + additional charges. Make sure you avoid this. Also, see ‘Fines and Fees’.

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