What if an owner doesn’t complete the reservation or cancels?

Renters are relying on owners to be on time, with a roadworthy car ready to go!
If, as an owner, your car becomes unavailable, we ask that you alert the renter as soon as you become aware of this situation, and at least 72 hours before the start of the reservation. Please also alert us at support@rentmyride.co.za immediately, so that we can cancel the reservation in our system.
Failure of the owner to timely alert the renter and RentMyRide will subject the owner to a minimum R500 fine. If an owner repeatedly cancels reservations that have already been booked by your renters, the vehicle may be removed from the marketplace and an admin fee may be charged to the owner.

Renter cancellation

Renters may cancel their trip through our site, and the cancellation is effective immediately. The total amount refunded will depend on when the renter cancels the trip, and varies by fee component (Rental Price and Rental Fee, as shown in your invoice):

Rental Price
After trip has been ‘paid for’: 90% refund

Less than 24 hours from trip start: no refund

*Full refund and cancellation of rental is possible after viewing the rental vehicle and the rental vehicle is total misinterpretation of advertised vehicle or the vehicle does not qualify as being in a roadworthy condition by a reputable roadworthy testing centre.
*There are no credits/refunds issued for early return.

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