Owners are counting on renters to return the car at the originally scheduled time; failure to do so can result in significant inconvenience and stress for the owner. Please be considerate and return the car on time, and if there is any chance there will be a late return, contact the owner immediately to request an extension. If an extension cannot be booked (whether because the owner or car are unavailable, payment has not been made, or otherwise), the renter must return the car at the originally scheduled end time.

To assess a late fee, the owner should e-mail support@rentmyride.co.za immediately or at the end of the reservation using the trip checklist, identifying the renter’s name, and the date and time the vehicle was returned. If the renter disputes the timing, they should provide evidence indicating when the car was actually returned.

Late fees charged to the renter are described on our fees and fines page, and begin to accrue after the owner informed us that the car is late. They are billed in increments of days (i.e., if the renter is 1 day late (car returned after 11:59pm of the return day), they are responsible for the late fee, and 2 days rental). In the event of very substantial lateness, additional fines may be assessed.

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