Renter Fines & Fees

Owner Fines & Fees

*Together with the trip checklist, photographic proof must be submitted the same day after the end of the rental. Quotes and receipts must be submitted within 24 hours after the fact.
**RentMyRide reserves the right to charge an administration or inconvenience fee, plus any costs incurred by RentMyRides, for categories not explicitly noted above.
It is very important to note that RentMyRide sent out an email on 10 August 2018 that all car owners on our platform must be registered with IOX fleet services which is a free Fine management platform. You will link to RentMyRide by requesting an access token from IOX fleet a second important point is that if you did not follow the steps or ignored our original email means that RentMyRide will not be able to assist with your traffic fines

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