3rd Party Claims

Paladin are our partners of choice when it comes to 3rd party insurance cover.

This covers any damages to 3rd party vehicle while out on rental through RentMyRide.

Under this policy, no cover is provided for incidents where the renter is at fault, when driving on dirt road,  no other vehicles are involved, acts of God or driving between the hours of 2am to 4am and only covers the other parties vehicle. The 3rd parties insurer, will cover the cost of the repairs to your vehicle that is being rented through our platform.

All other small claims that are for the renters cost like, extra mileage, damages, cleaning fees etc where the car is not returned in the same condition as received is deducted from the renters deposit - SEE FINES & FINES. These claims are processed by RentMyRide on the basis that our terms have been adhered to and the trip checklist (Beginning & End) has been completed in full and sent to help@rentmyride.co.za on the day the car is returned, after which quotes must be provided within 24hrs.

Claims Through RentMyRides Self Insured fund:

RentMyRide has an allocated fund for damage claims and works on the same principal as comprehensive insurance but with minor differences.

What is Covered:

  • All accidental damages or thefts of less than R150 000 in South Africa during a valid paid rental which are related to accidents and thefts greater than the deposit on file
  • 24 hour roadside assistance & 3rd Party cover through Paladin and Fanib assist on 0861 627 427 and quoting RentMyRide as the policy holder
  • Quotes obtained online through Fixico, RentMyRide will let you know which quote has been selected

Whats NOT Covered:

  • Wear and tear parts, like brakes, control arms, clutch, gear box, wipers, light bulbs, levers, seat tracks and buttons (Any item that is in constant use while driving)
  • Excess Mileage or other small claims like lost rentals are not covered, This is covered by the deposit on file provided there is no claim from our fund where the deposit is allocated to the repair costs
  • Mechanical failure and breakdown where not involved in an accident
  • Radios, scratches, Radio faces (Any Part of a radio) unless the cost to replace or repair is within the deposit ranges
  • Interior replacement of any kind for example damage to seats, dashboard that is unrelated to accidental damages or theft
  • Driving between the hours of 2am and 4am
  • Dirt road driving and 4x4 tours
  • Cross Border Travel and Incidents outside of our borders
  • Work Related activities for example: Taxify, Uber, Tours, transportation of goods and other prohibited use 
  • Acts of God - Like hail damage, floods, rockfalls, fire and lightning
  • Disability, hospitalization or death - Refer to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for claims of this nature (General practice in South Africa)
  • Public liability is not covered

What is needed to be part of the RentMyRide Claim fund

  • A Roadworthy certificate is required through a reputable company like AVTS or Dekra and a Tracker installation is recommended which can be submitted to help@rentmytride.co.za
  • Police Case Number for accidental damages and thefts that are more than the deposit on hand (Damage exceeds the amount of the deposit)
  • Our terms of service, FAQ Guidelines & claims policies are to be followed This includes: Completing the trip checklist and submitting it signed by all parties along with images and all relevant info and sent to our support line on the same day as the incident/end of the booking
  • Quotes are to be submitted to us within 24hrs after the claim has been submitted. We have partnered with Fixico for this free service, you can obtain quotes by using this link fixi.co/rmr for comparative quotes which is then submitted to us.

All issues should be reported to RentMyRide as soon as it occurs and we will respond within our operating hours 9am-5pm
Tel - 021 461 0609
Email: help@rentmyride.co.za
24hour FANIB Roadside assistance: 0861 627 427
Chat: Use the icon on the bottom right of our website

DISCLAIMER: The RentMyRide Claim Fund or RentMyRide (Pty) Ltd does not portray itself as an insurer or FSCA Registered in South Africa, we make use of a fund that is specifically allocated to valid damage claims within our terms of service and FAQ Guidelines which can be found here by searching for an applicable keyword, by signing up to our platform you agree to all our terms and policies.

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