Renters are required to return the vehicle by the end of the reservation and to inform the owner if they will be late.

If a renter has not returned the vehicle or contacted you by the end of the reservation, don’t panic. Please first try to contact the renter to determine why they are late and when you can expect the vehicle to be returned. If you are unable to immediately reach the renter, we recommend giving them some additional time to get in contact with you.

Our member services team will be available during business hours to assist you with getting in contact with the renter, and pursuing all appropriate paths.

To impose late fees, please e-mail within 24 hours of the return, providing the renter’s name, and date and time of the late return, so we can invoice the renter in accordance with the late return policy. Also take a look at ‘Fines and Fees’ and ‘What if my renter doesn’t want to return my car’.

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