When a renter wants to rent your car or extend an already booked trip, we will message you via SMS and email.
You can then log into rentmyride.co.za and navigate to your RentMyRide Dashboard.
Here, you’ll be able to approve or decline pending trips or extension requests.
Requests expire within 24 hours, and renters are waiting to hear from you, so please respond as quickly as possible.

If you believe a renter has a Booked Trip on your car but it does not show on this page, then the trip does NOT exist.
The same is true for trip extensions. If a renter contacts you directly to see if they can keep your car for a longer period of time, please inform them that they must request the extension online so that you can accept it.
If you make an agreement via phone or email and the request is not confirmed as a “Booked Trip” in our system, you will not be paid nor will that period of time be covered by insurance, so it’s very important you verify the dates and times and book through our system.

We have strict driver screening and only allow people who meet our eligibility requirements to rent your car. When accepting a renter’s Pending Trip you’ll be able to read their associated messaging to you, access their profile page and see what their reputation is based on their past rentals, and you should feel free to request any additional information you would like to feel comfortable renting your car to them.

Remember, a trip is not valid until you have formally confirmed the Pending Trip of a fully approved driver through the RentMyRide system. If you or the renter have any question about whether a trip is booked, you should consult your Dashboard to see if the trip has changed from “Pending” to “Booked.”

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