How to make your car more attractive to renters

  1. Write a detailed, appealing description of your car.
  2. Make your car available as much as possible and respond to all requests quickly.
  3. Get good ratings and reviews. Your rating is displayed on the search results page, so it’s incumbent upon you to make sure to create great experiences for your renters.
  4. Upload photos of your car; renters love to see exterior and interior shots. We encourage you to upload up to 5 photos and to upload the best photo first, which will be the main photo displayed. Make sure your photos are looking fresh and are not cropped too much. Don’t use stock photo’s or photo’s that are not actually your car.
  5. Set competitive rates based on the type of car and it’s location. Renters will most probably choose a similar car that is cheaper. We recommend you to use the daily price we recommended you in our calculator.
  6. Advertise your car to your friends and coworkers via Facebook, Twitter, Gumtree, even on your blog! When you visit your Dashboard-> My Fleet -> Click on your car and you will see share buttons on the top right side of the page.


Another way of creating more traffic to your car(s) is by using our ‘Rent Me’ sticker on your car. You can request a ‘Rent Me’ sticker by sending an email to

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