‘Keeping you safe is our priority’

We understand that sharing your car with your community is a big decision. Firstly, don’t worry, one of the ways we protect you is by insuring your car for 3rd party damages under our 3rd party insurance policy with Paladin. that protects you during the rental period.

We also Self Insure all vehicles up to R150 000 through a fund, which you can learn more here

We screen each renter against strict eligibility criteria. Plus, we run additional verification in the background to maintain a safe platform. You might be renting your car to business people, tourists or just anyone that needs a car for a while. Still, YOU decide who rents your car. You can accept or decline a booking.

In addition, to 3rd party cover we also offer roadside assistance in the event of an incident or breakdown

As long as you’re in compliance with the Terms of Service, during a reservation, the following protections apply:

Basic Excess of R3500, R5000 or R10 000 which is based on the deposit and appleid for each and every claim *(renters are responsible) which is deducted from their deposit along with any other small claims like extra mileage that may occur.

*You can see a detailed explanation with examples of damage and insurance claim here: Detailed explanation of damage and insurance claims.

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