You pay for your trip after the owner accepted your request.

When you click on “Request Booking”, an email and/or SMS is send to the owner saying that you are ‘requesting’ his vehicle for the prescribed times. The owner confirms your booking and an email and/or SMS is send back to you to confirm that the vehicle is available. The booking is now ‘pending payment’ until you make payment via the various payment methods*. Once your payment has cleared the owner and you will receive an email and/or sms that your payment has been received and that the rental request is now changed from ‘pending’ to ‘booked’.

*When the renter makes use of alternative paying methods other than a credit card, the trip will only be marked as ‘booked’ once funds have cleared. This goes for extensions as well.

If you incur additional fees (excess kilometer, parking and speeding tickets, damage fees, etc.) we may charge any of the payment methods you have on file. For more information about Fines and Fees, click here.

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