We require a security deposit of R3.500.00 - R5,000,00 before you may drive the car. For cars that have a retail value of higher than R300.000,00, we require a security deposit of R10.000,00.

The security deposit will be shown on the booking page when you pay for your rental and is utilized for any possible damages claims, 3rd party excesses and other fees

When damage is reported, the renter will initially be charged *R5 000 at the beginning of the claims process, depending on the initial assessment of the damage and circumstances. If the damage is less than R5000 the renter will only be charged for the cost of the damage plus an administration fee. *Rental insurance paid only covers renters for amounts above R5000. E.g. Damage = R8500 – renter liable for R5000 excess. Renters are responsible for the insurance excess of R5000 in accidents where a 3rd party was at fault.

If there is more than one incident of damage recorded on the car it will be handled as two insurance claims and the renter will be responsible for additional access amounts of R5000 or additional charges if the amount is less than R5000. If the vehicle was used in circumstances that are against RentMyRide’s user policies the renter will be liable for all additional damage charges.

Please click here to see a detailed explanation of our insurance policy.

This deposit will be reversed 7 working days after you return the car in the same condition that you first rented it.****

***Depending on your bank and the means of payment, it may take a further 1 - 10 business days after we release the deposit for the funds to be available in your account due to forex controls or bank to bank transfer times.
This depends on your bank country and their terms. The amount may also appear as a reversal on the same day that you made the original purchase through us.

This is unfortunately beyond our control

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