For Renters:

A renter is responsible for paying parking tickets, speeding fines or any other traffic violation received during the trip. The renter should notify the owner if the renter receives a ticket during their rental period and should pay the full cost immediately.

If an owner notifies RentMyRide of a ticket received during the rental period the renter will be charged immediately for the full cost of the ticket + an admin fee from the credit card provided. Also see, ‘Fines and Fees‘. Make sure you immediately pay your fines to the owner in order to avoid extra admin fees.

For Owners:
RentMyRide makes use of a traffic management platform called IOX Fleet where you can view, pay and redirect all your fines in one place for free. READ MORE HERE
This means that when you list your car, your details are automatically submitted to them to create your account. In turn you will receive an email confirmation and access token to complete your registration to gain access to your account.

If your registration or vehicle listing is not complete with IOX Fleet, or with RentMyRide, RentMyRide will not be able to manage traffic fines on your behalf and therefor you will be responsible for payment of these fines, for the full terms please refer to our terms of service

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