Engaging in any Prohibited Uses with a vehicle rented through the RentMyRide platform will be grounds for fines, suspension or cancellation of your membership. Engaging in any Prohibited Uses will eliminate any coverage for the renter for any claims related to physical damage. It will also nullify coverage if the owner has encouraged the engagement in a prohibited use.

Prohibited vehicle uses and activities include:

  • Allowing the RentMyRide vehicle to be pushed or towed by anyone other than an authorized law enforcement or service vehicle.
  • Driving a manual transmission car without being an expert in the use of clutches and manual transmissions. Note: If the drive train of a manual transmission car is damaged, the renter will be presumed to be at fault and will be held fully liable for repair of any damaged components of the car.
  • Permitting someone who is not an approved RentMyRide driver to drive a vehicle that is being rented through the RentMyRide platform.

Using a RentMyRide vehicle:

  • To tow or push
  • Other than on paved roads (whether “off-roading”, driving on unimproved roads or parking areas, or otherwise)
  • In any race, test, or competition
  • With the intention to cause damage
  • With wanton, willful, or reckless disregard for safety
  • To carry persons or property for hire, such as a taxi or parcel delivery service. You may, however, use the car for business purposes, such as attending meetings and carrying associated materials
  • Other than when a reservation has been booked. Using RentMyRide vehicles without reservations or outside your reservation time constitutes unauthorized use
  • During or due to use in the commission of a crime or any other illegal activity or purpose
  • While the driver is under the influence of alcohol above the legal limit or any drug or medication under the effects of which the operation of a vehicle is prohibited or not recommended
  • When it has been loaded beyond its rated capacity or with more passengers than the vehicle has seat belts
  • outside the borders of South Africa; or,
  • without a valid license, or if you do not meet our Eligibility Requirements. It is your responsibility to inform us when your license is expired or suspended, or if you believe you may no longer meet our Eligibility Requirements
  • To transport any flammable, toxic, volatile, poisonous, dangerous or illegal substances
  • To transport a pet outside of a pet carrier that keeps all pet hair inside the carrier
  • To make any alterations, additions or improvements to any vehicles; or to the vehicle itself
  • To smoke in the car
  • To fueling the vehicle with an improper type of fuel.
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